Pause to my blog +September TBR

I’m back at school and it’s going to be a hectic month. Since the university will take a lot of time away from me. I will be reading, but not much of the books I will like too. The TBRs will still be posted but late. Lastly, I have read my old post and I have notice my lack of good sentence structure and some misspelled words. I will apologize, I might go back to fixed them. They would not be perfect but slowly I will hope I make them better.

Here is September TBR: might not finish all of them due to the lack of time and my textbooks and assign readings will be my priorities. But I hope to at list finish two.

  • Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson
  • Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy 
  • La Distancia Entre Nosotros by Reyna Grande 
  • A todos los chicos de los que me enamoré by Jenny Han 

Super Late August TBR+Small July Wrap Up

Sorry for this annoying late TBR again.

Here are the books I’m reading. They are only from the library. Mostly, I read a lot of them, from the library.

  • Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson
  • Blue Exorcist Kazue Kayo
  • Ever After high meets Monster high in the legend of shadow high by Shannon Hale & Dean Hale
  • Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy
  • La Distancia Entre Nosotros by Reyna Grande

Will post my wrap up at the beginning of September and maybe my TBR for that month . With ratings and a small description in why I choose the rating.

I have notice that I didn’t do a wrap up for July. Well, I did not read much  but I did read one book and it was 

  • Bruja Born(Brooklyn Brujas#2) by Zorida Cordova

I gave this 1.5 /5   

I will be honest visually it could had been a good tv show or movie. But in writing format the characters weren’t likeable. In my opinion to selfish and I wanted to see something more humane and selfless. There where no limits to their magic, no parents and I wish to read more of that. There was also that translation problem on dealing with what are they. For example in English translation brujas as witches but in this book witches and brujas are two different entities. Another will be casimuertos which translate to “almost dead” but they are not zombies. It was just a frustrating book in my opinion the only likable characters were Nova, La Muerte and the Zombies and the Lavant people.

Reluctant to read the next installment.

BooktubeAthon Day 7

Well last day of booktubeathon and I didn’t read. But I did watch the movie for the challenge read a book and then watch the movie adaption. Which was Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot if anyone read my last post I didn’t like the book but love the movie. The movie was so different but in a good way. It made me remember my childhood when I watched it when I was small.

Sadly I don’t think I will be able to read at night when the even ends. I’m going to leave it like this. I read three books and completed three challenges. To be honest this was something, and kinda made me like reading more, usually never finish a book in two days mostly it takes me three our  four more.

This was a good experience and hopefully maybe open a YouTube channel to maybe post videos for the next one. Thanks to those who are reading this post and the others. Would had love to post pictures but I forgot because at first Netflix didn’t working so I uploaded to my phone but turns out cannot take screenshots of it do to copy rights something.

Yeah, sorry for that but it was a good idea to enter this event or whatever the real name or type of thing it is. 

Until next Post

BooktubrAthon Day 6

Don’t have much to say that is so freaking hot today and I’m frustrated and angry because of this heat. Plus my healthy ways are  broken do to its Saturday and I was just hungry. The nutritionist is going to be disappointed in me. Oh well I’m trying it wasn’t going to be easy.

So back to what this post suppose to be about. I actually read and finished Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot.  This book has its own movie and I will say if I remember it well the movie might actually be better. I hope. I’m going to re-watch it since its part of the challenge for this event or whatever it is. Yeah, I actually finish a book. I didn’t like it much the main character is so annoying and really naive although I will give it to them,the main character is fourteen and not a lot people are that mature in that age. But it was just to awful reading it, I just wanted it to end. Here is one quote that made me cringe so much.

I asked Lilly why he was mad, and she said because he’d been sexually harassing me but I don’t notice. How embarrassing! Supposing Josh Richter starts sexually harassing me someday(I wish) and I don’t notice? God I’m so stupid sometime” 


I’m was like what the freak! Did I just read this right did I just read that the main character really want to get sexually harass by a guy. Then there were a lot of talking bad about mentality, body images, and a lot of jokes that weren’t jokes at all. Some parts I agree on, but then it went 360 on me when the main character actions became more an more irritating.

I so wanted to like it the movie for me was a child’s dream  but didn’t notice that the book was the opposite. Hopefully, this book doesn’t ruin the movie for me.

I’m rating it 1.9 ⭐

Will be posting tomorrow’s image of me watching the movie and staring Wicked Deep and  wear the hat for one of the challenges. Tomorrow is the last day hopefully, I’m able to finish  Wicked Deep and it will be four books in total read. Which will be an accomplish do to this event being my first time. But let’s see what happens. 

Later, going to go see some YouTube video and maybe see if I could watch the movie and take a picture and post it tomorrow. See you guys and girls tomorrow.

Note: at the end of the event… I’m going to post my August TBR although is going to be late I will have at list something up for everyone to see. 

Now later, bye.👋☺

BooktubeAthon Day 5

Distracted again this time of YouTube and planning in my planners. 

Right at 5:00pm I decided to read so I started with Jane Eyre(Manga Classic)by Charlotte Brontë. At the end I finish it and it was good I actually like it. Not much for religious dialogue but I read passed it and the story in general was amazing.

I will give it: 4.5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I will start this time with Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot. Hopefully, I finish another book today I will be reading until night and I hope to finish it. Is a small book so I think I can finish.

Looking now I don’t think I will be able to get to the other book. I still have El Circo De la Noche, Wicked Deep, Treasure Island, plus Immortal Beloved. Just to complete a challenge and maybe add an image. Tomorrow if I finish Princess Diaries going to post an image of me watching the movie plus maybe start Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw and use the hat I’m going to use. Maybe I will finish them but it might be wishful thinking.

BooktubeAthon Day 4

The days for this blog is going wrong it’s hard to post something. Each day of the event, when I post them they end up post in the wrong time and day. This is frustrating, maybe because of me getting the times messed up. 

Let’s start right. Today which it’s the actual fourth day off this booktubeAthon I actually read some of the books from the challenges.

I read Princess diaries by Meg Cabot I read up too page 50.

While the second book is Jane Erye(manga classic) by Charlotte Brontë which will complete the challenge with green on it. I left on chapter six p.155.

Lastly I actually read El Circo de la Noche by Erin Morgenstern which it’s getting good still confuse because of the Spanish but I need to read more Spanish and if I actually finish it. Maybe, not in this challenges or event but any day I will be so proud of myself. I left on p. 116
Update: Was able to fix the dates to the rightful days. Sorry for any inconvenience.

BooktubeAthon Day 3

Hello, I actually read something. Not what I planned to read but it just a advance copy I found online it the new Rick Roidan present.It has Aru Shah and The End of Time, The Storm Runner and Dragon Pearl. Finished reading the few chapter it had on The Storm Runner I will say that it’s alittle childish but it’s actually interesting I will actually try to read it when I comes out. Still continuing, I am in the last story which is Dragon Pearl this one it’s actually good and not much childish going to finish the chapter given and see what I decide.
That is it didn’t read any of the books from the challenges. Sorry! 

But hopefully tomorrow I do.

BooktubeAthon Day 2

Well I said I was going to read El Circo De La Noche by Erin Morgenstern but I will be honest I did not read anything sliltch, nada. There is no excuse but if this a good one I’m still apologizing. I been in a journey to loose weight for health reasons but it’s been hard I started yesterday. Its still hard I’m new to it and having a family that is big about food and culturally it’s part of us it’s hard. 
The diet I was told to follow is a plant base diet it’s another word for vegan. I been searching for recipes that I could try instead of the hole steamed vegetables and rice. I want FLAVOR! Lol 

Ignoring  my struggles and reasons. I will try next day to read and not get distracted. Especially in my phone and tablet. I been playing a game called  What’s your Story and its interesting and kind of liking it. Also a fight game called Power Rangers Legacy Wars and I got obsess on both of them. This just another excuse and I’m truly sorry. For sure I’m going to read something in Day 3 at list 200 pages plus start another book

I’m will continue to apologize and hopefully I get to finish another book today or in the other days.

I’m sorry again!

Until next time.

BooktubeAthon Day 1

I derped. I thought it started on Sunday at midnight going to July 30. And it ends up that it’s was yesterday at midnight.(I think)This shows that I’m a total idiot to this kind of events or whatever it is.

So I actually did read something on Monday before the booktubeathon started at midnight. It was one of the books from the question asked or challenge of my previous post. The book I finish  Dragon Knights Vol.3 by Mineko Ohkami. Yes, a manga because I wanted to start slow and then go big. Sadly my dum dum me started to early. I will count it, I’m new to this I could at list give myself that. But just going to say go watch booktubers to know how they do it and look closely to the times. Do not start like me.😅 

Well I will be starting  El Circo De La Noche by Erin Morgenstern going to see how far I go. I did read some part yesterday at midnight noticing that maybe I kinda did it right!? Oh well, just going to read isn’t the point to this event. So like I was saying going to read this book, and see where I’m left on, and if cannot finish the book just going to set a goal for the days to see if I could finish it. While still reading other books from the challenge type event. Still don’t know what to call it.

So yeah this my experience I have for the first day of the booktubeathon. Not so great but I’m actually happy I’m reading more.

New Goodreads Group

If your a book lover or even a T.V. show lover about witches I had open a group in my Goodreads account. So come join me. I will linked the group here. Also would put the name of the group which is “lets read about witches” for you could search for it. 

A short description about the group is that we will read books about witches anything about them from a historical prospective or fictional.

The only thing one needs to do to join me is name a witch from any tv show or book.

Link to group:

Want to Follow me or be my friend in Goodreads here is also the link to my account: